Years ago, I started a embroidery stitch sampler, but never completed it. I got stuck on a square and the project was soon abandoned. But my love for embroidery still lives on. I think of stitching as drawing with thread… it’s just so darn cute! At least, that’s the style I gravitate towards.

This past week, I’ve finally gotten around to dusting off my incomplete sampler after signing up for a class with Amy Powers at Big Picture Classes – Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong!

I was able to get past the square of my puppy’s face, then added a few more squares. It’ll still be a slow going project since I’m a slow stitcher, but I’m happy to have started up again. Suddenly, I have all these ideas for stitching my drawings on things.

Do you like to embroider and stitch in your creative endeavors?

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