I’ve decided to post on Wednesday nights…my creative progress – whatever it may be. I like this word – progress – moving forward one way or another. Seems like a good way to think about it all. Although I’ve been up and down lately and not super productive, I’ve managed to doodle a lot. Sitting outside when there’s sun, watching my puppy playing while I doodle a bit. I tend to grab a black marker and just draw. Randomly, quickly, page after page. Sometimes it’s a mess. It’s like dumping out crazy thoughts. I noticed in my journal this week, that there seems to be a few worrisome girls…instead of the happy ones.

They look a bit worried, right? I can’t stop drawing those same eyes! I suppose what comes out is a reflection of how I feel inside. Although, they are just whimsical weird – hey, that’s me! If you want to look at it in that light instead. Hmm. Another week of progress…not much…but at least it’s something!

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