Happy Thursday to everyone. I’m especially excited today because my brother is visiting from the States!  It’s nice when folks travel to Europe for work because it’s just a short hop to visit us here in Tuscany. I’ve been rushing around wrapping up work assignments and the plan was to finish a few things ahead of time, but that didn’t go as planned.

I wanted to post about my creative space though, even though it’s messy enough that I can’t really focus to take a picture of anything properly. My efforts in Spring cleaning are still going, albeit without direction or planning. I’m starting to think it’s not an organizational issue – no matter how much color sorting I do, ultimately I’m just lacking the space to put things. I have boxes under our bed now, but they are huge dust trappers and I hate dust! 🙁

Usually organizational professionals say the problem is organizing, not that you don’t have space or the right containers…but I seriously just don’t have a place to put all my stuff. Wahhh!!!

Sorry for the little rant…whew! As I calm down and really reflect, I must admit part of the problem might be my pack-rattish nature. I like to keep things for possible future use and I swear they do get used…one day. For example, the jar you see above is a big glass Nutella jar. We go through at least 2-3 jars a month, so I’ve got a collection of them to hold pens, markers, pencils…and my corks. I started carving more little cork stamps because I like the texture and inconsistency of the image. Also, I happen to have a lot of corks handy! I guess you can say I’m really into reuse, especially all these Italian home items we go through…Nutella…wine. I shouldn’t complain, right? Another thing I’ve been collecting are toilet paper rolls. There have been so many crafts done with them, I figure they’ll be put to good use, one day…


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