Happy July to everyone! I suppose there is never a time when my workspace is a not a bit messy! You’ll see below in my photos the creative work messiness I have spread throughout my room. Lots of stuff going on besides my normal routines because I signed up for online workshops this summer. I thought that summer was going to be slow and purposefully looked for workshops to keep things going even in the humid heat of Tuscany weather, but now I’ve realized there’s so much. There’s the free digital card class with Jessica Sprague, Claudine’s class on Big Picture Scrapbooking and their upcoming Big Idea Festival, not to mention I just won a spot in Niki’s The Vintage Artist mixed media class. BTW, if you want to take a class with Big Picture take advantage of the 10% discount through Paperclipping to¬†support their Roundtable podcast. To add to the excitement, I just bought a sewing machine and so excited to use it for my crafty projects. The first thing I did was sew paper…hehe!

Although I’ve used a sewing machine before, I’m a total newbie and doing all kinds experiments and tests to learn more. Beware of trying to sew too fast or through bizarre materials though…I’ve already been near breaking the needle – eek!

I tried some freehand kind of sewing to draw with the thread, but at some point I really have to figure out how to change the foot part for that purpose…I haven’t exactly gone through the manual yet.

I’m totally having fun just sewing paper though. I love the look and it’s so simple to create a nice texture for any kind of project. There’s something about the thread running through that adds such a handmade touch to things. At the same time, even a cheapie sewing machine has fancy stitch settings, so I was able to create really nice borders as well.

I also tried to sew a leather bag as a test, but confused myself with the whole lining inside, flipping over issue…oif! You can see it’s unfinished at the top straps that I tied up. I have realized leather is super slippery as well, so you can’t readily sew two pieces together so easily. I would need some special attachment I’m sure, but sewing designs into just one piece of leather seems to be okay. More tests…experiments…trials needed! The rest of my space has stacks of paper and leather to be made into journals…as always!

Finally, I just wanted to share this baby tomato growing on our terrace! I remember gardening as a kid with my dad and it seemed really easy to me. Maybe my dad did all the work I didn’t notice, because it’s a lot harder here or perhaps our terrace just seems to have harsher weather conditions as well. This baby tomato is only the size of my thumb…but it’s a start! Hope you all are having fun and making progress in your creative space.

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