Here’s a little peek into my creative workspace this week. I’ve bought some cheapie hardware store brushes to help with blending of paintings, but haven’t even broken out the paints this week. Sigh sigh! Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting dirty oddly enough…

On the other hand, I had no problem making myself another journal. Hehe…can’t help it. I often find a piece of packaging material and just can’t help to throw it away. I’ve made a journal from a cookie box before and now it’s a glossy shopping bag. It’s such a beautiful brown color with glossy sheen, not to mention super thick paper! So, I just had to make it a journal. Instead of using the shopping bag holes as the binding, I just tied ribbon through it for a decorative look. I prefer the portrait style journal format for doodling.

The cover of my journal is made with the shopping bag cut in half, then I added some black cardstock to reinforce and adding thick brown textured leather for the binding and back. I really love throwing on a piece of leather, makes it nice and rustic and nice to touch 🙂

The inside lining is some cloth I cut from an old shirt and sewn up…pretty cool to have this soft lining inside.

Here’s a view of the back, just an old bit of leather, so it’s not perfectly square. I actually like it better in this way, just a random smattering of materials used together.

I broke in my new journal with doodle in the middle of the journal…no need to start at the beginning, I think! Just let yourself doodle away. There’s also my little Vash there, sniffing away…LOL. I was inspired to doodle more after seeing this blog post by Niki regarding the Journal Project. Also, there was a great Paperclipping podcast about art journaling… so I guess I was pushed into creating a new journal from all those influences. I guess nothing just happens without reason!

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