Hello there! I think I may be close to finishing this painting today. I fiddled around with some new glittery acrylic paints and just love the shiny look. Now if I could just decide how to complete it…sometimes I leave things around for ages before going back to it.

As I looked at my painting from afar, I started doodling on scrap papers and drawing ladies. I’m caught somewhere between childish whimsy and more realistic features…then I start scribbling. I wanted to draw a bunch of ladies to add into my junk journal though…have to do something with that journal.

Of course, I get distracted easily and realized since I love my kneaded eraser so much, I have no need for the regular rubber ones that leave little bits all over the place. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to carve them into stamps. I want a leafy stamp to use in collage and things were looking pretty good…

Then my hand slipped and I messed it up! This rubbery stuff is way softer than linoleum, so I had to lighten my hand up a lot. I just started over, cutting up the eraser and using other ones I had lying around. I ended up with a bunch of leafy shapes, which is pretty nice to create variation.

Then I jumped onward to finish this recycled project of using a bottle to make a birdhouse. I used my trusty hot glue to make a leafy roof…I guess there is connection as I went from carving leafy shapes to glueing leaves…but honestly I just easily jump from project to project. My mind is whirling with too many things most of the time, so I have to let out the energy one way or another. I have to go grab more leaves to finish this up, but I was happily surprised how lovely the leafy roof looks.

So those are the creative happenings for me and I will finish up that birdhouse and show you the results tomorrow. The weather is so beautiful these days and there are birdies outside my window terrace every morning. I figure it can be put to good use asap.

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