This week I’ve been busy designing on the computer and getting disgruntled with my bad internet connection…so nothing to show from that front. Just lots of work in progress, bits and pieces, pixels and such. However, I did want to share these really cool cookies I just bought, the Two by Two line by Artisan Biscuits. Even though they are for kids, I love them more than anything for the packaging and the story of the Tortoise and the Hare on the box…very cool…

I love the packaging so much and didn’t want to just throw it away. I kept it around on a shelf for a few days, but I just realized it would be great to reuse the packaging and make it a journal or sketchbook cover. So I’ve gathered a bunch of scrap papers and will be making a scrappy journal, since I’ve finished up my little tan leather journal (see in the upper right hand corner of the photo).

I have to get back to design work now…but at some point of the day will stop to make this book. I love to break up my day a bit with a little crafty project here or there. Makes me feel better! Thanks for visiting my creative space!

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