I’m all about organizing and getting back to my routines these days. Summer vacation was super fun and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my family from the States and showing them my Italian way of life, here in Tuscany. I miss all the relaxing and eating of gelato, but at the same time I’m anxious to finally get back to my routines. Vacations can be so exhausting, right? I’m still doing a lot of thinking about my blogging schedules and how to fit all that I want to do into a 24 hour (so limited!) day. I can certainly veg out and do nothing with my hubby…but usually I want to be busy, accomplishing something with my hands. It just feels good. So here’s a little creative workspace peek…stuff in progress or probably more correct to say stuff left undone from before August.

My family also brought my new tools that I ordered and asked them to lug on over to Italy…it’s cheaper this way. I finally got a Wacom tablet, but have no idea how to use it. I also got a Big Shot to cut shapes into paper, but I really want to try with leather. Hope I don’t break the darn thing!

Thanks for stopping by to see my creative space…I think I’ll keep this routine for every Thursday.

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