My creative workspace is currently filled with lots of leather and die-cutting bits and pieces! I’m having so much fun with my Big Shot machine and super happy with the results of the steel dies since I can now cut my leather quite easily and nicely.

I have shaky hands and sad Xacto-cutting skills, so this die-cutting method makes it a lot easier for creating my own little crafty projects and embellishments. So I’ve been cutting away and scouring ebay for used dies as well. Yup, I’m totally addicted!

So after the initial frenzy of die-cutting every little piece of anything I had lying around, I realized it only makes sense if I do something with them in the end. So I’m thinking of using them as embellishments to decorate journals and create cool designs on the covers…

I also created some mini notebooks with smaller pieces of cut leather to cover the binding part. It’s so nice to be able to have an intricate piece perfectly cut out to use. I totally understand why so many folks swear by their die-cutting machines and keep buying countless die designs out there.

I’ve also been busy making classic leather journals, varying the sizes and paper to offer a bit more in my Etsy shop. Everyone who has previously purchased my journals and supplies have left such wonderful feedback and I’m so happy to share my little creations, sending them all over the world to be used and loved! I’m hoping to be able to offer more of a variety now and a range of prices, since I know everyone has a budget and sometimes you can’t spend as much as you would like.

As the holidays are coming up, I hope to have a nice stock of journals to be gift-giving potentials as well. I think everyone should have a journal…just to have that space ready to take in your thoughts, whatever they might be. Of course, I’m thinking of doing stocking stuffer mini notebooks as well…ideas a-brewing. So thank you for visiting my creative space this week and don’t forget to check out all the spaces on kootoyoo’s blog every Thursday. Before I go off and make more journals, I did want to share a lovely package I received in the mail. Gosh I love snail mail!

I participated in a book swap with the BEST (Bookbinding Etsy Street Team) and received this lovely recycled journal in return! It’s beautiful, cute and recycled – now that’s a combo! It was created by SeaLemon and you can check out her Etsy shop to see all the bookbinding goodies listed. I’m so happy to have this super bright journal and will be playing in it straight away as I have a lovely weekend road trip planned! Grazie mille!

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