This week I’ve been compelled to doodle randomly. Fun indeed, but not sure what to do with all the random doodles after the fact! I’ve also been making a lot of handmade cards with my digital stamp designs and just enjoying the process of coloring images with my nifty Copic markers. I keep creating stuff for fun and adding them to my to-be-used basket.

Funny how you find time to do one thing, but something sort of falls off the wagon at the same time…ugh! Only 24 hours in a day sadly! I’m still wondering if it’s possible to suspend time or somehow make more time in a day…never know with technology these days, right? I can dream anyway. Otherwise I’ve just been making a big mess with painting. I’m trying to loosen up and just play with paint and colors…seeing what comes out of it. Sort of the other extreme from illustrating something really specific and preplanned.

More than anything, I think I’m just making a huge mess! Some of the textures and mixing of colors look cool…but just snippets. I was reading ihanna’s post about her creating abstract art and so connected with what she said about feeling happy and lost and confused alternatively. It’s really like a dance with the paint and colors…sometimes stumbling, but with moments of utter beauty. Sigh, I haven’t got the dance all worked out yet obviously…

BTW, I wanted to show this last blurry photo because I swear there’s an old man looking sad in there…eek! Or maybe a freaky giant insect with droopy eyes? BTW, I’ve been using my point and shoot camera from laziness, but starting to think my photos are really low quality. I wonder if any has noticed…I think all this exploration will be great for November as Art Every Day Month starts up. I’ve already signed up and looking forward to just posting art every day and really getting into the zone! Anyway…that’s a peek at my creative space this week, so thank you for stopping by!

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