Happy Thursday! Today I’ll be sharing my creative workspace with you as I think it’s nice to share a peek of what’s happening in my neck of the woods. Through kootoyoo’s blog – a bunch of us do this every Thursday for encouragement and inspiration! First thing I did today was print out my clock graphics from yesterday’s post to image transfer onto a journal page. In my excitement however, I forgot to flip the image before printing for image transfers – doh! Reprint and try again…

As you can see the transfer came out nicely. I’m always amazed when the paper rubs away to reveal the image below…totally cool process to me.

While waiting for the transfer to dry, I checked out some youtube videos and was totally inspired by Laura’s 3-ring binding for mini albums tutorial. I think often folks are intimidated by bookmaking, when in fact it’s such an easy project with fabulous results. I didn’t have all the supplies Laura mentioned, but I used the same idea for my own version of the book. I actually used a pasta box for my covers because pretty much any material with a bit of strength to it will work.

I doubled up the pasta box material for a stronger cover and used a scrapbooking paper to cover it up. Looking at the finished cover, I suppose it would have been nicer to use a contrasting paper for the inside. I suppose that gives me reason to make another one!

Gluing everything down with dry adhesive made it quick and easy and now I have a cute little shabby chic cover. I did get a little too happy with my bone folder and ripped into the inner seam a bit – yikes! Thankfully I can hide it on the inside with some decoration later on.

Since I didn’t have any binder rings, I decided to use ribbon instead and put little eyelets in my holes to provide more support.

They look pretty nice on the outside, but because my tool couldn’t reach in so deep, I had to smash down the eyelets with pliers…not so pretty inside! One of these days I’ll have to invest in a Big Bite or something that can punch holes and set eyelets deep into papers.

Finally, I strung together some ribbons and wrapped silver wire around it for the binding “rings.” I can’t go any further though because I need the pages to be done before tying up the ribbon. Hmm…now I have to think what to do with this little minibook. I often just make things for the fun of it and have no idea what to use it for in the end. It’s the process that is really enjoyable for me.

While I think about what pages to create for my minibook, let me share a vintage find with you. My mother-in-law was cleaning out some items and wanted to throw away a whole series of Italian cookbooks. Look at these beauties!

Even though some have water damage and have been grunged up, I totally grabbed the entire set knowing it would be good for something one day. Here I go again, with my hoarding and saving up of materials. I just couldn’t let it go…

I couldn’t resist the urge to stash it away. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it… 🙂 Right?