Another Thursday and another peek into my creative workspace. Here are some photos of all the little projects I have going on…little experiments, prototypes and works in progress. I am realizing that it’s a lot more fun to always have many projects going on at the same time. You can jump to whatever sparks the most inspiration and in that way you are really enjoying the creative process so much more than grudgingly having to finish xyz. I suppose I can understand how painters might work on many different pieces hanging around their studio. Now I just need some more space to store everything!

After my vacation from last week, I finally finished up the two little bookbinding experiments you see above. The purple one is covered with patterned paper, but I didn’t feel it was thick or strong enough. The black one is covered with leather and an illustrated canvas panel of my bike illustration. I definitely like the thicker leather cover, but the inside papers aren’t that thick making it less stable. Both are accordion style books, but the way I glued them together doesn’t really make it usable on both sides. I guess it’s like Goldilocks and I have to find just the right one, the right combination that will work the best. More experimentation I suppose…

In my bookbinding adventures, I also like to try new techniques and recently learned about the Jacob’s Ladder. It’s that flip flop accordion style booklet that is fun to play with and you’ve probably seen it before. I was so surprised to learn it’s quite easy to construct, even if I still don’t understand how it really works 🙂 I tried to make a sample, but tried with string so that there is less coverage on the panels. I soon realized why people recommend ribbon – because it’s flat and can sandwich between the boards much easier. You can see mine gets a bit bent up and twisted at times…another lesson learned.

On to another little project I am working – painting up my tissue paper rolls for minibook making. It gets really messy with the inks and paints and I also have to let everything dry, but I’m looking forward to putting it all together.

Finally, you can see the 3 little canvases that keep morphing in the photo above. I keep painting over them and can’t decide what it is I will do. More mulling time needed – I guess you can call it the art marination process. So those are the photo peeks of all the little projects spread throughout my creative workspace.  A little here, a little there. It keeps me busy and keeps the creativity fresh, jumping from one task to another – I think so anyway! It’s definitely more fun, although I suppose there is probably a scientific limit to how many ongoing threads of thought a person can have at one time. Hmm…well, hope you enjoyed checking out my photos!

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