In the midst of the last minute Christmas rush, wrapping gifts, printing cards and thinking of the best way to put in words certain sentiments…I wanted to stop and share my creative workspace with you all.  I work on one of the sketches I made last week – trying to get this acrylic painting complete titled, Goodnight Moon.  Still a ways to go of course!


In addition, I received a precious ornament made by Mother Henna in the mail!  How lovely is that beauty?  I really appreciate the thoughtful posts, tutorials and community created from her blog to all of us.  You can even read the tutorial for the ornaments if you are interested as well!  Thank you so much, Kara!


Besides looking forward to a full-fledged Italian Christmas day tomorrow, I am a bit anxious because there seems to have been some mishaps at the post office and some of my mail has been lost!  I’m angry and sad, but hoping I can resolve the issue – maybe stalking the postman or harassing every post office in the area might work, huh?  Hmph! Well, I’ll switch back to thinking about the happy holiday season for now. Buon natale a tutti!  😛

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