Wow, can’t believe another week is passing by! However, I’m feeling really good about my progress in work and art…taking action as I’ve promised to myself as much as possible. Feels fabulous to get things done and be always wanting to get to the next thing…it’s bizarre how I want to stop time to do more. I started a new art journal, but haven’t yet bound it together, so a bunch of loose pages here and there.

I also started a random acrylic painting and came upon a really simple realization. If I take a canvas and just tell myself I’m going to use it as a practice surface – meaning painting over it again and again…then there’s no pressure. Weird how we have to trick ourselves sometimes. But it really works, because  I just go off into play painting and it’s super relaxing. Thinking of it as a practice canvas blows off all the pressure because I don’t have to imagine a finished piece at the end. Simple, but revolutionary…LOL.

I had some paint leftover after a bit of play, so spread it onto an empty journal page. It turned out to be like one of those ink blot psychology tests and doesn’t it look sort of like a pretty butterfly? Or perhaps a dramatic smashed, blood sweat tears kind of butterfly? Hmm…

From the butterfly inspiration idea though, I dove into a lot of digital design…expanding on my digital stamps. It was super fun to get new sets into the shop and share with folks in my crafty group.

Otherwise, my desk has just been overtaken by watercoloring supplies. I am really wanting to practice more, so the only way is to keep it out and visible. I bought a watercolor book by Jean Haines – Colour & Light (How to Paint)– just love love love her style, so fluid and beautiful! It’s taking me a while to actually watercolor, but slowly but sure I’m practicing the sketching and watercoloring…

Hope you enjoyed taking a few peeks into my creative workspace this week. You can see other workspaces at kootoyoo and also Creative Every Day participants this week here. Enjoy and take some action yourself! Ciao ciao!

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