Lately I’ve been trying to figure out my memory keeping style. It’s really an attempt to be more efficient, with the limited time I have. So far I’ve realized that I like the precision and clean graphic look of digital, big photos and pretty papers with some real-life details.


It still took me 3 hours of fussing around to do two simple collage pages – yes, I need help! One of the most time consuming parts is choosing photos. I take too many and need to learn to delete. Then I also just fuss around too much!


When I finally print out my page, I also like to add something real before considering it done. This especially applies with ephemera – ticket stubs and interesting tidbits I want to keep. For this page, I wanted to include the “ticket” for the family owned animal park we visited. I thought it would be cool to cut out a flap in the journaling block… simple and effective.


The paper identifies the date and location, so I didn’t have to write that out. Nice, huh? Sometimes simplicity is the best, I think. Now why did it take me so long to do something so simple, right? Hopefully each time will be a bit faster moving forward. Now I wonder if I should add some stitching or other little tidbits… hmm…

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