For those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m sure the holiday weekend was a fun-filled frenzy. Above all, it’s definitely a season to spend with loved ones and to be reminded of all the things we are thankful for. I think that sentiment of Thanksgiving goes worldwide though…it’s never a bad thing to think about gratitude and give thanks. I decided to create a scrapbook page of 11 thanks for the year 2011 – a great way to use a whole bunch of number stickers as well. But as an American, even though I live in Italy now, I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving in my own way.

I immediately had the idea of a countdown in my mind, but needed some tags to write in my thoughts. So went ahead and designed some up for myself to print out. I thought it would be nice to share those banner tags with everyone – you can use them in digital scrapbooking or print to use on paper pages as I did above.

Download Banner Tags ZIP

Let me know if you find these useful! I find myself creating these simple elements for myself, because I just don’t have them on hand and it’s just the little thing I need for the project or page in mind. I suppose, I’m definitely thankful to be able to design these elements myself and print them out for use. Pretty cool…


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