Looking for a cute chicken drawing that you can download and print for free? Check out my little hen illustration, so you can start your DIY project!


Here’s another little digital doodle I created, a little cute chicken drawing. I was thinking of hens, so that is how this digital stamp came about. It’s funny how much I love to sleep and if the room is always dark, I might just brood all day long – haha, the hen in me!

After drawing this little chicken up, I played around with coloring and pattern making as well. Just some variations and wondering how patterns work and how to make them more interesting and less… repeating, I guess?

Obviously, patterns repeat… but to make it look more random I suppose. Still much to learn, but I do love digital drawing and how the simplest things can be the cutest as well.


I hope you will enjoy this cute little chicken drawing and might use it in your crafting projects. From making digital cards to color pages to other paper crafts. Thanks for stopping by! And of course, I hope to share more soon.

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