My daily outfit documentation is still going strong. Every single day, I take a photo of myself to record my outfit, scribbling some notes on top. Of course, outfit doesn’t necessarily mean dressed up. There are days when I end up in a track suit or something very, very frumpy – a term I use often with friends!

I’ve been printing a contact sheet of photos every two weeks to include in my scrapbook album, but with the latest update, I’m realizing this should be a separate book. This project of sorts, will have an endpoint. I can’t imagine myself taking a photo a day, always and forever. That is probably why I’ve never attempted 365 projects. I also like looking at them all together… not split into the various pages of my regular scrapbook album.

I haven’t exactly changed anything in my¬†wardrobe¬†thus far, but I’m hoping that the documentation will help me find my own style and preferences… changing the way I dress and the way I feel about dressing up.

As with any other project, the record of documentation and observation helps us to step back and see the big picture. I don’t know exactly where this will lead, but I’m optimistic. My husband has been curious thus far and hoping we will do Spring cleaning soon, throwing away a bunch of stuff – eek!

For now, I’m going to collect these photos in a separate spot and see what happens…

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