About 60 days into my daily outfit photos and yes, there has been one mistake. Somehow I forgot or erased photos from one day, so I literally put the outfit back on the next morning to take the photo. But you can’t tell, so it’s all good *wink*wink* ┬áBesides that slip up, things have been going well with the project. It’s easy to take a snapshot when the camera is ready, sitting on my tripod. I also have a calendar reminder, so I haven’t had a problem keeping up with daily photos. After a few printouts of my photologs, I decided to redo the format of how I document this whole project.

I’m taking it out of my regular scrapbook albums and making it into a book/journal. I like keeping these photos all together and I purposely have 2 weeks on a piece of paper, so I’m not huge and close-up. I also don’t want this book to get too thick. For now, I’m just folding and gluing each page, back to back. At the end of it all – whenever that is – I can bind it into the leather cover. I’m definitely liking this format!

This project is helping me be more aware of how I actually look. It’s surprising how I previously really didn’t look at myself in the mirror much at all. Or maybe I imagined what my outfit looked like, without actually looking. Sometimes there’s this huge discrepancy between seeing yourself in a photo and just feeling and seeing yourself from your eyes. It’s weird.

Besides taking the photos, I’ve actually started cleaning out my closet and just donated a whole bag of clothing the today. So the decluttering is happening, slowly but surely. When I can see myself from this perspective, I can make a decisive decision on loving the article of clothing or not. I’ve still got a long way to go, but definitely making progress.

I was dreamily thinking, perhaps, one day when my closet is clean and I have just favorite outfits to wear, this book might become my look book. The final pages would show Linda, how she wants to look. How cool is that?! The ultimate, I know my style, love it and feel great kind of thing. Hope it’s not too vain of a goal!

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