As I was prepping and printing out another two weeks of outfit photos, I realized that it was another period of sliding by. I went through the motions of taking my photos and thinking about my choices, but there still hasn’t been a lot of traction in regards to feeling… more me.

There are days when I make more of an effort to dress up, but realize that I don’t feel in my own skill. Other days I myself down, taking the easy way out. But maybe I’m just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl? How to know, if my feelings are true in the end… we are all so affected by what is around us and what we see and what people say. It makes me wonder if we can ever truly say what we ourselves, feel? Suppose I’m getting a bit too philosophical for a simple project of cleaning up my closet and finding my own style.

I have learned that there are coaches for this kind of thing, just as folks have fitness coaches, career coaches, life coaches… now there’s style coaches. Interesting…

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