Wow. Who would have thought that taking a photo a day of what I’m wearing would be so enlightening… and really not that difficult to keep up either. After all, we are clothed automatically every day – hopefully!

I’ve been successful in taking my daily outfit photo, mostly because I have a reminder and keep my camera on the tripod, out and ready. It’s a quick shot with no redoing… sometimes it’s not even completely in focus. Every two weeks I print out a contact sheet of my outfits and just add it into my scrapbook album. There’s some white space in the lower right hand corner for me to write a bit of journaling, but that’s it. No frills.

There’s something about quantity that makes me feel good about this project… having all those thumbnails to flip through. I suppose that is why so many people love doing 365 projects. BTW, I came across a video of The Uniform Project and it was certainly inspiring in terms of capturing a daily outfit.

It made me wonder if I would rather have a set uniform, instead of lots of clothes. There are days when I really hate taking the photo, because I’m so messily put together. But of course, there are days that I’m pleasantly surprised by my “look” and happy to be sort of dressed up. More than anything, I am truly realizing what I “look” like from another point of view. It’s like hearing your own voice in a recording, it’s not what you expect at times.

I’m not sure where this project will take me, but I’m going to keep at it.

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