Dear Creativity,

Oh how much I do love you, dearest. You’ve always been there for me, after all these years. Even if you might have been hidden in the beginning – or maybe it was me, not paying enough attention to you? On a bad day you manage to help me make it a good day. And on good days, well, we pretty much rock it together.

I’ve always wanted to be your best friend and I’m so grateful that you are a faithful companion. You never judge, you never hold ┬áback. It’s me who has to learn how to be free and accepting of all that we create together.

Thank you for making my world a wondrous place.

Thank you for helping me see more in all that there is around me.

Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for challenging me to learn and grow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You feed my soul, you inspire, you spark me from the inside. I’m so looking forward to our adventures together. You are amazing. You are loved.

Yours always,


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