Wow, amazing but true… December is already here. Are you excited about the holiday season or a bit frenzied?! I’m a little of both… not to mention the baby bump is way more than a bump these days and I’m definitely starting to feel the uncomfortableness of waddling around and half rolling and/or wiggling to get out of certain positions. Funny and weird!

To start off the month I’ve posted Xmas Number Tags to the BackToPaper page as a fan freebie. I hope you enjoy them and just wanted to rouse up my Facebook page a bit. I realize that we are all short on time and giving something back to my fans for their attention seems like a nice thing to do! How do you like my idea of posting classic products as thank yous?


Moving into a bit of sad news, you might have already heard that scrapflower will closing its doors at the end of this year. Yes, another digital scrapbooking shop going away.

It’s very disheartening to see a group of fabulous designers and a wonderful scrapping community being forced to find a home elsewhere. My digital designs have gone through so many revisions, turnovers and changes… although I was shocked by the news… I also just sighed and took it all in. Murphy’s Law? I’ve decided to give my supporters 50% off my shop – yep, you read right! Check out my products and use coupon code holidaysupport to get your special discount. Old products will be going away again, although they might surface in some fashion, somewhere.

I’m not going away and BackToPaper is not going away! You don’t want me to go away do you?

I’ve decided to take the news as an opportunity to start something new and more longlasting. Since I’m committed to my digital designs, why not open my own shop, right? So yes… the BackToPaper shop will be coming soon and I’ll probably be focusing on products like papers, journaling cards and crafty printables. Everything would be usable digitally but also great for people like me who print everything out. I hope to be a resource for Project Life scrappers as well, because I really love designing title cards and journaling cards.

That’s the plan for 2013, but I would love to hear what you think as well. Let me know in the comments and be sure to sign-up for the newsletter to keep updated.

I wish you a happy holiday season and lots of scrapbooking fun. I’ll be busy with my December Daily efforts, so probably won’t be posting much here. Best to find me on my Facebook page or on Twitter. I’ll also be following along Get It Scrapped’s Dec freebies for inspiration!

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