I posted about my December Daily preparation a while back and it really paid off to have my book ready to go. December came around and all I had to do was flip to the first page and journal away. I’ve decided to be really low key and minimal, no pressure! I suppose I’ve never been a huge embellisher anyway. I don’t have a lot of product or glittery stuff, even though I like the look on other people’s projects. When I think too much about decoration, then it’s just throwing stuff on for no reason.

This year, I’m simply including one little photo with journaling. Of course, I have run out of printer ink…hence no photo in the actual book yet. But I will post my daily progress and random photos I’ve taken. I can definitely add more photos in between the spreads. However, I know that normal days can be really routine and I don’t want to feel like I must add some in or have more stuff to put in my journal. Keeping it simple. Although I love to take photos, the dreary weather makes everything look gray and uninspiring…so I’m doing a bad job when it comes to photography…urgh!

Are you doing december daily? Or maybe just journaling? I think it’s a fun time to get together and do something in a collective community sense. There’s something amazing about the creative energy all across the Internet. Scrap on!

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