I’ve been trying to tidy up my space, in hopes that will help clear the air and get me into action! Perhaps it’s another distraction…but I do like the look of my new drawer of bits and bobs.

I still haven’t got my bookshelf area figured out…but it’s slowly taking shape and looking more colorful. I think it’s hard to use these IKEA expedit shelves to actually store things AND look nice. And I’m not about to spend loads on all those baskets you can buy. If it’s all going to be covered up, I should have bought a different drawer system!

Finally, I moved my wine cork board and decided to use it for a monthly scrapbook page. Will post up a calendar and photo, then make notes and such… eventually adding it into my scrapbook as a review of the month page. I think that works well, rather than having to do a roundup after the fact…I never remember things!

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