After reading Ali Edward’s post regarding her December Daily book, I was totally inspired to get a head start on my own. I had commented about how so many stories get lost, simply because we don’t have the place to record them. And of course with big holiday projects, the flurry of events makes it really difficult to start something from scratch and finish. So I loved the idea of getting the barebones of everything done, so when December rolls around I could just fill it in with our family stories. First step for me is coming up with a simple template that I could place my regularly printed photos into – 10 by 15 centimeters here in Italy. So I went into Illustrator and came up with a template that I could print out for each day.

I’m also only going up to the 25th, because I know that’s going to be a busy weekend, but printed a bunch of blanks afterwards so I could add in more photos as well. It’s a really simple base to start with, spot for photo and journaling under. Of course, this can be built upon for whatever or however far I want to go with the embellishments. With my template done and all the pages printed out…I’m one step closer to being prepared and ready to take in my December stories! Yay!

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