I’ve always been a fan of Ali Edwards’ December Daily project, but still struggle a bit with organization of all my scrapbooking projects. I’ve realized that I don’t like having the project separated into another minibook… at least, that’s how I feel right now. Many things in my life these days are centered around simplifying things, so I’m trying not to break things apart unnecessarily. Although minibooks are fun to show off, those who enjoy my scrapbooking usually want to see everything anyway.

So this year I’ve decided to create a page template and just add in daily pages to my regular scrapbooking album. Somehow, keeping it together makes it less intimidating at the same time. You can see the beginnings of a simple template in the screenshot above… keeping it really simple. I scrap on regular sized paper, A4 here in Europe and I think it would be easier to use a baseline digital template since I’ll be printing photos at home anyway. After printing, I’ll just add bits and embellishments on top to complete the page.

There have been moments that I started to second guess my approach… what if I only want to show December to people? Ehh… whatever. I need to go with something and just move ahead. BTW, my Westie pup Vash is super cute in the photo, but I actually need to find a different photo for my opening page. The little banner that says “December Daily” will actually change to number the days and I’m actually printing those out separately to cut apart and literally staple onto the layout for a more layered effect.

Are you participating in December Daily? I wonder if these types of projects usually mean that folks don’t do their regular scrapbooking as much. Would you then have a void in your regular scrapbooking album… or would you break-out and scrap certain stories in more depth? Lots of questions… that is what I’m wondering these days in the realm of scrapbooking. Would love to hear your thoughts!