I decided to keep some interesting (or not so interesting) ephemera from my day when possible…so you’ll see a little ribbon on the left page below, which was the ribbon ripped off the pandoro box, when I was playing tug-o-war with Vash. Silly…

BTW, pandoro is a type of cake here in Italy…like fluffy sweet bread…yummers. I’ve realized that I take less photos when the weather is bad, because it’s harder to take nice photos… gosh I’m lazy! I’ll have to settle for the blurry, badly exposed stuff…bah!

In other exciting news, Vash tried to “escape” while off leash during his night walk, so that freaked out my hubby. They had to make peace afterwards, but Vash looked pretty freaked out himself.¬†Our poor Vash is still a puppy…and that means he can’t be trusted!

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