I’ve debated doing december daily this year, because it can sort of take over my life. I also have guests this holiday season, so I didn’t want to have more pressure of getting a minibook done. But in the end, I realized that scrapbooking is supposed to be fun and I don’t need to make it a difficult project to do.

Funny how sometimes we just make things harder for ourselves for no reason. It’s a mind trick! Silly. So I’ve prepped pages for my December Daily album, a super simple and clean layout. You can learn more about December Daily from Ali Edwards. I’m especially proud of my cover, because I was able to cute out that scalloped circle to place over the printed page – the heavens have allowed me to align things properly!

For each page, I’ve printed out circular number tags in the lower corners. Then I just folded my papers in half and punch holes to bind it together – super simple way to bind a book. I like folding the pages because it doubles up the thickness and I don’t have to fuss with back side printing, etc. The pretty kraft paper actually covers up printing mistakes as I didn’t want to throw out the paper. I really wanted to incorporate the garden trellis punch design anyway, from Martha Stewart. Of course, the punch really caused me grief. It does not punch cleanly and my kraft paper is not even thick at all. This is the second punch of this same design because I broke the handle off the first one! I think it’s just bad luck with this design because it’s so complicated. But I love the look so much… oh the things we do.

Each page also has a stamped frame (it’s a Lawn Fawn stamp) with a line, so I can focus on a little photo a day. However, the good thing about 3 ring┬ábinding is that I can always add in more pages. It works out nicely, because I know that I usually print out lots of 4×6 photos in the end. This way I can just add them in simply in the middle.

So that’s it for now, a skeleton to work with. We’ll see what happens…I keep wondering what embellishments I should buy to be consistent throughout the book, but I think I’ll just make them myself…as I go along…with materials that relate to each day. Or maybe that is a bit too much…we’ll see!

Are you participating with December Daily this year? Ever prep your minibooks or journals to make the daily process easier?

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