This past year I started my December Daily, but once family arrived and festivities began… I just couldn’t keep up! My nieces visited Italy for the first time, so it was fun to go out and show them around the various beautiful cities here in Tuscany. I had a great time and miss going on about Italy and the its interesting ways…

Then suddenly it was New Years and we visited Treviso and the surrounding area. Vash had loads of fun too – probably marking up a storm – oh dear… dogs! He wasn’t keen on posing for the camera either, as you can tell above. Now that the Epiphany holiday is also past (January 6th) it’s a slow, dull transition back to routine. If I can even claim that I have a regular routine?!

I have a mountain of ephemera collected up that will be combined with my photos into a digital scrapbook for my nieces. That’s what I always do for events that result in hundreds/thousands of photos. I love using Blurb for printing my photo/scrap books and although it’s not a “cheap” option…the results are just so wonderful. I like the premium paper and imagewrap cover… not to mention the ability to design it all from scratch in InDesign.

Otherwise, I also have scrapbook pages already in mind and a loose plan for my illustrations and digital stamps this coming year. It seems as if I’m at a crossroads of taking things to the next level…instead of rolling along. It’s not enough for me, I suppose. So much churning in my mind, but I think the most important thing is to just do it – huh? Take action.

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