I’ve been busy these past months with freelance design work and it seems everything else is up in the air and unfinished on my plate. It’s a bit frustrating to always have things in progress… but I suppose I simply need to hustle more. Philosophically, I thought this quote was fitting though…

Art is never finished, only abandoned.
– Leonardo da Vinci


For MATS Bootcamp I did submit a simple pattern from my drawings, digitally colored, but not sure it’s totally done.


Then there are all the drawings I’ve sketched up of characters with bright eyes… but I haven’t had a chance to color them at all.


I’ve also realized that I have a huge library of random designs that need to be used somehow, someway. Old designs from my digital scrapbooking design days, unfinished collections, the beginning of ideas, random icons here and there. I’m proud of the work I have created, but I realize that I need to package it up. Finishing seems to be the repeat critic in my head these days.

LTieu-designs LTieu-hush

I also have a library of surface patterns, but never really did anything with those design explorations. Yet again, how to finish it already? Or at least do something with them.

LTieu-patterns LTieu-random

There’s just so much random stuff.┬áSo I’ve decided that this month I need to revisit my own library of work and start hustle with an art business in mind. We have to always create new work, but it’s okay to leverage what you already have as well.

It’s not always about chasing the next big idea or hot trends. Sometimes the gems are already right there in front of you… just got to polish ’em, huh?

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