I work a lot on the computer designing layouts and illustrating graphic art prints, so my creative workspace can usually be described as a messy computer desktop.  I decided to share a snapshot today of my desktop while working…


The design you see is one of the kitchen prints I’m working on and adding to my tortagialla big cartel shop – a totally new experiment.  I am not sure where or how to sell my art work, but I’m all for trying out new ways and seeing what happens. I already have an Etsy shop, but wanted to try big cartel because there is a totally free, but limited option. I signed up in less than 5 minutes and just uploaded some kitchen prints.  We’ll see how it goes.  I do like the fact that they do not charge any commission per product, it’s a flat monthly rate if you want more features.  I wish they would add digital product delivery though…maybe one day…anyhoo.  Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my digital-ish world today.  Ciao ciao!

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