Over the years, I’ve definitely become a hybrid scrapbooker. I love the versatility of digital products, but always crave the tactile fun of real paper products. When it comes to titles, I love using alpha stickers, but it can get costly and sometimes you simply run out of letters needed in a particular style. Nowadays, I turn to the computer for journaling and have learned to incorporate titles in a creative way, to get different looks! Here are some ideas…


It’s not the easiest option, but you can print or trace your digital printed titles onto to paper and fussy-cut. In a way, you are mimicking the traditional paper way of doing things, just creating your own alpha with paper. My peeve with this option is mostly because I have kindergarten cutting skills!


Probably the most common usage you see is the title and journaling blocked together on a page. I do this quite often because I usually type out my journaling first. So it’s natural to add the title on print it all together. You can certainly vary your colors and font treatment to create beautiful text blocks that are unique, every single time. I often use this method and it moves a bit into the graphic design and poster design arena, which many folks are having fun with in the scrapbooking world these days.

However, don’t assume you have to always print on white paper and add it to your layout like a journaling card. Consider printing directly onto your background paper, even patterned designs. It definitely looks more integrated and goes to show it all depends on how you put the pieces together.


Another method is to include your title into the photo print. Oftentimes this is really effective for when you take a photo of words or a sign that makes a perfect title. You can also overlay text onto the photo in Photoshop. I’ve done this before, but it’s not always my go to method, because I’m not thinking about the title when I print photos. A title usually comes up after I finish journaling.


And by this I mean, printing a portion of your title and filling in the rest with an embellishment or alpha sticker. This creates a nice contrast and more interest to your title, so it’s not just a 2D printed word. You can probably find similar ideas or methods in cardmaking!


Finally, I’ve moved into creating my own title embellishments, making the computer just another tool in your craftbox. You would print your title out in the size, color, and font treatment of choice. But continue to embellish your piece into a decorative item. Don’t hold yourself back as you can print on cloth, canvas and other materials as well! In the end, you don’t just have a block of words. Consider creating a banner, a sign, or framed item as a title piece.

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities! Digital titles do not have to look graphic designy or purely 2D. Hope these ideas have helped you rethink the use of digital titles in your scrapbooking. What other creative ideas have you tried? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below. How do you incorporate digital titles into your scrapbook pages?

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