It’s good measure to revisit your plans on a regular basis, so that you can adjust to the changing times and take into account what is working or not working. With the life change of being a new mom these past months, I’ve definitely had to revisit my own creative business plans…


I’m using my own advice and  following through my guide – The Creative Entrepreneur Toolkit – revising previous goals and also updating the toolkit itself along the way. The more we do, the more we learn! I’ve realized that my take action task for the week is a psychological battle. To admit that I can only do so much and work has to scale down when there are other priorities in life. Duh!

It’s obvious, but seriously a hurdle for me. I’m quite prolific and creating keeps me going! It’s something that enlivens me a sense… so now that there’s limited time and the boy seriously doesn’t take more than 45 minutes naps… I’ve had to alter my expectations!

It’s not about giving in, it’s about being realistic and moving forward.

Perhaps I’ll make other tradeoffs to carve out more time for my creative endeavors (sleep less?), but something has got to give. Yup. It’s a mental battle more than anything else…

Do you regularly revisit your plans and revise your goals? Are they realistic and jive with your lifestyle?

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