I often feel hesitant to write up a tutorial or share a bit of knowledge on the blog. Why so, you ask? Often it’s just a little thought, so I think it’s too simple. Or I think that everyone would know it already – just because I discovered something new, doesn’t mean it’s actually a brand new discovery. Other times, I feel like I shouldn’t be so pompous or be all teacher-teacher on people who didn’t ask for it…especially as I learn many new things just playing around. I’m no expert. Lots of head trash going on…tsk tsk.

Of course, when you break it down, all those reasons can be blasted away easily. Nothing is too simple, there’s always the beginner out there who needs the instruction. Repeats mean a different interpretation, a different perspective that someone might click with better. Finally, it’s optional for people to read! To think I actually have the power to feed people info…LOL…talk about silly!

I think many of us out there are afraid to share. Perhaps you don’t realize how many people there are out there who would greatly appreciate the information.┬áIt’s not about who knows more or who knows better. It’s just sharing your unique point of view, to provide someone else with perspective. Experience can’t be given to someone…but it can be shared.

I’ve blogged a few tutorials in the past, but I feel it’s time to share more…whenever I want. Even the simplest, silliest things can be pivotal for someone out there. Like how the heck you pull the tube out of the refrigerator filter to change it?! Yes, I googled that.

Just as in human interaction, you would ask your friends any old question. You would share your discoveries, big and small. You would offer helpful realizations and ultimately…share a bit of your world with them. These interactions make our lives so much richer…I’ve also been thinking about community and interaction these days…

So I’ve decided not to be afraid to share my knowledge. I have to thank my bloggie friend Chel for much encouragement and support. Something kick ass is coming next week…that’s why these thoughts are on my mind. Stay tuned!


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