…believin’…hold on to that feelin’! Okay, I didn’t actually mean to quote a Journey song, but it just came to mind as I typed – perhaps I love Glee a bit too much 🙂 What I wanted to say does follow suit though…just don’t stop – period. How many times have you given up on your own excitement, inspiration or seemingly wacky idea? I came upon this today, looking at some old matroyshka mini canvas paintings I never finished. I suddenly wanted to draw them and make a zillion variations of these little chubby doll ladies.

I know it’s probably been done before. These matroyshka dolls were all in trend and they were drawn, painted, collage and sewn probably a million times over. I found myself thinking that it’s been done, so I have to skip over it. But then I thought…what?! Nothing is original, right? Why should I personally miss out, just because someone else did it already. I mean, I can explore the topic myself and probably get a lot out of the experience. Let’s not rain on our own parades…don’t stop!