I don’t think we can ever be completely ready for anything in life. My pregnancy and now motherhood experience has really tested me on that point. I think it’s the same when it comes to the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. You can never be completely ready, so why wait?

Instead of hesitating and stalling due to fear, lack of experience or whatever other reason – if you want to get something done, you’ve just got to dive right into it.


The idea is that you will never be 100% ready, because you never know what the future might bring. You can certainly be prepared as much as possible, however, at a certain point you simply have to trust in yourself and go for it. Otherwise, nothing ever happens and you’ll never get anything done.

Don’t get stuck in the waiting to be ready state. You are as ready as you will ever be. your dreams and ambitions are out there waiting for YOU to claim them! That’s how I see it these days…

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