I choose to embrace technology and the benefits of offering digital files, so my series of original illustrations are now available as digital downloads. You can grab a copy of my colorful, bold and motivational girls to print-at-home for a variety of uses. I hope they help to inspire, empower and bring joy to girls around the world (young and old).





Girls With A Message is my ongoing series of girl illustrations with positive messaging. I started drawing these girls to help motivate myself, because we all need a bit of cheerleading sometimes. I realized there was so much power in affirmations and motivational quotes. With my cute and whimsical style of drawing, I noticed that many connected with the work… because we are all young at heart… and we all can use a bit of wisdom, clarity, perspective and hope…

So I decided to follow my heart, creating more girls and committing to continue onward with this series of illustrations. We can never have too much motivation or inspiration, right? I started a blog post where you can add a suggested quote or phrase, so help me keep this going! I never want to stop creating for the love of it and having a cause to promote positivity makes it worthwhile and rewarding. New sets of girls with a message will be released regularly.



Please help support my cause and tell all the girls in your life about my series. I really want to put a smile on their face and make them feel hope in this world. You can Like, Tweet, and Pin all my product pages and share the information using the social media buttons at the end of this post. Also feel free to grab the graphic button below to post on your blog. You can direct folks to this post that contains all the relevant information. I would really appreciate your help and would love to spread this news far and wide.

I’ve also written up a press release for the announcement, so media folks can access as necessary. If you would like more information, please contact me linda [at] tortagialla.com

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support. It means a lot to me and this is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure… 

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