I’ve been stashing away  a bunch of half-finished journals, because something went wrong during the process of construction, stopping me in my tracks. The futile quest for perfection really plagues me. I like it when things work out perfectly, even numbers, and that type of thing. It’s funny though, because I’ve never really done anything perfect… it’s just an illusion.

I couldn’t toss out all the great materials, so went ahead and finished all the journals. Now I’m one step closer to embracing imperfection. It’s a slow learning process, but I feel better every single time I challenge my crazy thoughts. I decided to turn my mistakes around into something fun and listed everything in my Etsy shop under Oopsie Sale. Some goof ups are noticeable, others are not…I’m not even sure if it really matters in the end. We are often so critical of ourselves, too critical.

After taking the photos and listing all the journals, I felt soooo much better. Whether they sell or not, I realized that I simply gave myself confidence by accepting reality and the imperfections in life. My work may not be perfect, but I think it’s beautiful. I was reminded again of how satisfying it is to create something from nothing. 

Making a mistake doesn’t mean, I’m incapable of future success. We all have to get over it, right? Besides taking a step in the right direction, I just loving taking photos of my journals as well…ooo…styling is fun! So pretty!!!

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