Can you believe a new year is fast approaching? 2009 has been a year of many beginnings for me…lots of trials, errors and failures.  However, in just a few short months of experimentation I feel that I’ve already learned an overwhelming amount.  I’ve digitally connected with great bloggers and readers alike – people just like you and I’ve definitely enjoyed sharing my work no matter what the result.  It is slightly bittersweet that the time has flown by so quickly and I still feel behind in realizing my goals – but I do feel excited for 2010.  After all, a new year means a new opportunity to explore, share and connect.  I hope you’ll stick around for all the great updates I have planned!  You can subscribe to the tortagialla newsletter to stay updated on big announcements and receive freebies as well as follow the blog RSS feed so you don’t miss out on any posts.  Remember that Wednesdays I always post a freebie for my lovely readers.  Also, don’t ever hesitate to email me directly: linda [at]  I have to say again that I really do appreciate your time.  Grazie mille for your support!


To round off 2009 I’ve updated my Etsy store, Spoonflower fabric designs and Zazzle store as much as possible.  Let me know what you think and if you have any comments, suggestions or requests.  I welcome all your thoughts and thank you in advance.    I’ve actually just started my “Notes to Myself” series of graphic art prints…see the first one below…


For the new year, I have a big book of many more ideas and art series in the works.  There will be originals, art prints and of course digital stamp designs, sets and scrapbooking kits posted on Etsy…with all designs transferred to apply for fabrics on Spoonflower and products on Zazzle as well.  It’s all written down, so hopefully the workflow on paper will work as planned in 2010! I wish you all a great end of year…I think my next big task will be clean-up and organization.  Until tomorrow where I have a cute freebie waiting for you…ciao ciao!

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