Happy Tuesday to everyone!  Today I released another graphic art print in my etsy shop titled, “Enjoy The Ride.”  It’s dedicated to my late father-in-law who was a professional cyclist and had a wonderful and exciting career.  I am trying to piece together his story and design a book about his career here in Italy.  Previously, I had never known that cycling was such a huge sport, especially in Italy…it’s pretty cool when you learn something new and discover a whole different world where people have found joy and passion.  It makes me happy to know there’s always something out there for us…


As you can see from my illustration, I’m pretty much saying… rain or shine, enjoy the ride... and I truly believe in having that perspective in life.  We need positivity and a good perspective on life no matter what happens.  I read a blog post about gratitude and it’s definitely around the topic I’m currently pondering.  The most moving quote from that post is how “Most of the things that we are grateful for have longevity. Most of our frustrations are short term, and are usually caused by ourselves.” Oh so true!  I hope we can all stop to think during times of trouble and check ourselves to see if we are causing more misery than necessary.  Be grateful, be happy and enjoy the ride…smooth or bumpy.  😛

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