Just in time to help spiff up your workspace, here’s a February 2019 printable calendar for all your planning needs.

February 2019 Printable Calendar // Free Printable in both LETTER and A4 sizes // tortagialla.com

After creating some exclusive printables for my supporters on Patreon, I decided to use the designs to create this February 2019 printable calendar. This monthly calendar has a Monday-start format (my personal preference) with weekends highlighted in grey.

With a beautiful heart flower bloom pattern design for the background, I’ve created this February calendar in both LETTER and A4 paper sizes. You can download it for FREE and get started planning for the new month!

Download your paper preference below and be sure to print at the highest quality on cardstock paper for the best results. Remember that you can also size it down when printing (I usually do half-size for my own purposes).

February 2019 Color Calendar Page LETTER.pdf

February 2019 Color Calendar Page A4.pdf

For my supporters on Patreon, I post exclusive printables such as patterned papers, stationery sets and artwork. It varies depending on what I’m working on at the moment, but every month there are always calendar printables.

February 2019 Printable Calendar Variations for my supporters on Patreon // https://www.patreon.com/tortagialla/posts

I post a black and white, lined desk calendar that is great for planning your month, jotting down important dates and gratitude journaling. It’s printer-friendly as a black and white design, that you can color in yourself!

I also post the full-color patterned paper design as a 12x12inch high resolution PDF. Patterned papers are super versatile for decorating your planners, journals and any kind of papercrafting or digital/hybrid memory keeping project.

Not to mention there are hundreds of printables already posted in my Patreon feed, so as soon as you pledge to support me, you’ll get access to everything according to your reward tier.

If you want more of my printables, consider supporting me on Patreon for the exclusive feed of printables and updates – plus the ability to request any printables you might want! I’m always open to new ideas.

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