I must have mentioned Indie Fixx before and Feed Your Soul: the free art project, offering printable art downloads as PDFs from amazing artists. I’ve been a fan for a long time, since it first started way back in 2009. I was recently visiting the site to print some art for my inspiration board and it got me to thinking about my artwork. I suppose it’s no surprise that I’m now offering my own art as printables. Perhaps it was inevitable…

The goal for my artwork is very similar to the whys of the free art project as well. Art is an important part of our culture and I think it offers inspiration, empowerment and thought-provoking emotions in the viewer. Yes, both feeling and thought. Visual communication is so powerful and really grabs attention, especially today. In our fast paced environment, it’s much harder to get folks to slow down and read. Books are getting shorter and shorter, because people don’t have time. It’s amazing how an image, can stop someone in their tracks.

I want to brighten your day, no matter what the situation. Just a little smile or even a chuckle here or there. That emotional reaction is a connection. A piece of art can do that, even when you feel melancholy and especially when you need help. A little print tacked on your cubicle wall, in your art journal or framed on your wall – they all can do so much good. From the littlest, shabbiest copy to the most prized original painting, they all make a difference to provide energy, hope and joy to people like you and me. Even when we can’t explain or provide the fancy analysis of why… we know and feel the power and effect that Art has on us.

I really want to spread that energy through my artwork. Not just all over the world but into all facets of our life. I suppose, that is why I’m so intrigued by art licensing, because getting art onto everyday products means you are going to affect people in even the most mundane activities of life. Drying your dishes with that towel that has impactful imagery. You think twice, think happy, smile… that’s pretty darn cool. You are feeding your soul with Art and perhaps we are all lacking a bit of that in everyday life.

I’ve been thinking about my foray into digital downloads of “fine art” and how many people disagree with the offering. They think it devalues Art. My pricing seems low in certain communities and high in others (have you seen the pricing on digital scrapbooking products?) I suppose, my pricing was based on what I think everyone can afford. That fits better with my goals for the series – I simply want everyone to enjoy the work. Actually, if you subscribe to my newsletter you get a free printable… so I’m trying to reach as many people as possible.

So why charge a price at all for my Art? Well, because I want to be sustainable! I want to keep doing what I do. I’m sure it’s been said too often, “we all have to eat, you know!” But it’s true. Ultimately, I’m not charging for the cost of materials, I’m asking you to contribute to my work as a whole. It’s your contribution to me as an Artist – and for that, I’m truly thankful to all who have supported me.

Of course, I want you to realize that there are so many ways to support someone. For me, you can buy printables from my shop, but you can also spread the word, leave a nice comment, just be happy seeing my work online – literally, yes! Smile! I know there are folks out there who simply enjoy my work online and that’s cool too. We are all on different points of our journey and contribute with what we have. I appreciate it all and respect it all. I’m at the point of jumping head-on into making a living from my artwork, so that’s what I’m working towards… but I think we can all feed our soul with Art and especially motivational art, in some way.

You can learn more about my series of Girls With A Message in this post.

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