Got a weird back ache and it makes me feel old. Not wanting to be all boo hoo about it, just sort of annoying and realizing – crap – I actually feel my body’s limits now. That is all on that front. Bleh, I say.

Let me instead show you my finished empathy monster. All stuffed up now…pretty cute. She sits near all my turtle toys, ready and waiting. I think I just liked that sweater so much…had to turn it into something to keep. Anyway, so despite the pain annoyances, I found a bunch of new ATC card packs in a drawer and decided to use them. I’ve always known what ATCs are…but never got into trading them. I just like the small size, so approachable. It reminded me of my daily bird drawings I did a while back. I miss those daily drawings, even though it’s always hard to keep up on those 365 type projects. I didn’t make it that long anyway, but while it lasted…it felt good and I had fun creating variations of birds.

I thought, no need to be so strict with myself this time around, but just having a stack of papers ready, means I can go at it when I fancy. So I sketched up a bunch of characters and yes, I do realize that I should turn the paper instead of drawing slightly slanted people – LOL! Inked one so far, but I am really wanting to finalize them rather than leave it all as sketches. I have a tendency to do that. Just keep sketching and never finishing anything. Although I won’t be trading the ATCs, I just want finished little pieces. I’m obsessed with the “finish it” idea, so I can put things away and move forward. That’s my creative progress so far… until next time my lovelies!

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