So it’s been a while since I’ve really had the time to sit down and just scrapbook a layout, start to finish. I admit that I’m rusty… oh so much, it’s quite frustrating. I’m feeling like I should know how to make scrapbook pages that I personally love, but why isn’t it coming out right this time, darnit!?


I spent a bit of time fussing around, but in the end… I had to call it done and move on with life! Ultimately, it’s about getting memories documented and little precious bits of life that I want to remember and keep dear. I think as a creative… I often judge myself a bit too much. Sure, it’s great to have things that look nice, but in the end that’s not the final judgement on scrapbook pages. My kids aren’t going to ask why there aren’t more¬†embellishments or why this piece of paper might be cut slightly crooked. Bah!


I’ve got to get back to what really matters. For me, it really is the process and also the sharing after the fact. That’s where the satisfaction lies…

So even if I’m feeling like a rusty scrapbooker, it’s okay. I’m still a scrapbooker¬†at least.

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