The first of this year, I posted about how I got started with this blog and listed out some future goals as well. Looking at my blog dashboard…I see that I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with blogging and papercrafting. I’ve been so busy on the design front and I still can’t believe that we are well into the year of 2011. It’s a bit overwhelming and scary. Sigh.

I’ve had a busy day, but wanted to just play with paper and scrap a few photos. It’s relaxing to just play and I’ve never been a complicated scrapper. I just go with the flow and it all ends up pretty simple I would say. It’s just fun. So this time around, I wanted to document two photos together, a view of our neighborhood piazza in Spring and Winter. It was a cool capture and I was proud of myself for taking the photo months apart but pretty much at the same spot. It reminds me how much I love living in this little country town, the little houses looking colorful and quaint. Makes me feel cozy. I guess I can journal about that fact…but sort of didn’t feel like writing. Sometimes, I just want to put photos together…or save them… or just play with paper. That should be okay, right?

So I started thinking about what scrapbooking really is and how ultimately…we define it for ourselves, right? I know certain people believe you should always journal. And I agree that it takes no time at all for us to forget about the details. But given our busy lives…more and more in the industry we find products that make scrapbooking faster. More about filing away the ephemera or quick ways to get your photos and jotting notes into an album. I started to think about Project Life and how it simplifies things, so that you can put all those things together in a book form, for safe keeping. I’ve always thought of incorporating pocket pages into my albums…because I often just want to save a thing here or there. It’s not always about creating a full-page. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find them here in Italy…maybe people just don’t collect baseball cards and such!

I suppose that is just an excuse in the end. Often, I do feel this odd nagging…or sensation that I should be scrapping how others scrap. That maybe it’s more fun or cooler…gosh, wanting to be a cool kid again! I started to think about Shimelle’s video on why she scrapbooks and I totally love it. I guess…suddenly I’ve come to realize that I need to consciously tell myself that I can do whatever I want. I can record my memories and stories however I choose…there is no right or wrong way and no right ┬ámemory or story to record. It can be the silliness thing…it can be all about me. It’s okay. I have the permission. I give myself permission.

Not sure why on the Friday before Easter…I suddenly want to proclaim this. I suppose when another holiday rolls around, I suddenly get hit on the head in regards to how time is flying by and whatever’s not working…just isn’t going to work. So stop it! Anyway…all this babbling…just because I wonder if people would be interested … or even inspired if I were to share all that. Being different…just creating my way…whatever way. Sharing so much about me and even mundane stuff. Hmm… I’m also always looking out for scrappers who do something different. I also look for those who don’t go with the 12×12 format. Haha…maybe I just want to be a rebel ­čÖé

So I suppose it applies to scrapbooking, cardmaking, papercrafting…creating in general. To play, to document, to celebrate, to reflect…to simply create and be happy…

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