I’ve been thinking about how our perspective on a situation holds so much power over the journey. We all go through ups and downs in our lives, but someone with a cheery disposition, with a cool head and a smile on their face – seem to be enjoying their life much more. On the flip side there are always the whiners, debbie-downers and those endless lamenters. I find it so exhausting to be around people like that. Maybe I’m just getting older and have no patience anymore? I must admit that I also fall victim to the endless spiral of shame, anxiety and lament. We all have to vent, but there are healthy ways to express those emotions…

Journalling is a great way to get things out. Or maybe you can dance it out or sing it out. Or take your rug out and beat it! LOL. Personally I’ve come to truly realize that our time here is so limited and I just don’t want to waste any second. I always have that feeling of wanting more time and feeling the urgency…the clock is ticking!

After moving to Italy, I’ve noticed how much happier and balanced I am overall. There’s still a lot to work on, but the culture of slow living has really opened up something inside of me. I see the positives even in a bad situation and I can concentrate more on the good things in life, rather than moping around about the low points. People are much more open with their emotions in this culture and no subject is taboo to talk about. It’s interesting that it wasn’t like that in Los Angeles…bizarre! Even during a really sad time, we can joke and laugh and cry together. Isn’t that wonderful? I mean, we have to deal with issues throughout all our lives, but doing it together in a healthy way and moving on to live happy lives and experience happy things…that’s la bella vita! We just have to find the joy in it all. Everyone has a sad story and I’m sure there’s always someone in a better or worse situation. Perhaps we just have to concentrate on finding the joy, all around us…get the right perspective! From little things like cold cup of iced coffee to a grand success in your career – all those lovely happy details in life, pluck them out and celebrate the joys in life. Huzzah!!!

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