For artists who plan to go professional with their skills, there inevitably comes a point where someone will ask about your signature style or artistic focus. Apparently you must have this recognizable style whether you are are a painter, dancer, singer…whatever. I’ve always found this a very troubling issue, because at first it seems so restrictive.  That you have to work in this style forever and you’ll never grow and learn anymore. Or maybe finding your style is more figurative in the sense that you have to find yourself and when you believe in  yourself, all your work will be tied together naturally. Somehow it has to naturally happen and before you might even know it, others will already have noticed your style in your works.

I read a few articles online, Finding your Style and Finding a Signature Style and in the end feel sort of ambivalent about the whole topic.  I suppose my only conclusion is that you can’t find it…it really finds you.  It’s like growing up…you can’t just decide to do it…it happens gradually until one day you realize, hey, I’m a big kid now.  (Something like that!)  I suppose now is the time to look back and really go through my own body of work and see if there are threads that tie everything together. I’m still so much in the experimentation stage that I find it hard to tied together all my whimsies and fancies… What are your thoughts on artistic styles and a signature style?  What’s your style?

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