So I’m done reading The War of Art (affiliate link to Amazon) because it’s such a short book – quick read! Turns out that it’s nothing like The Artist’s Way, besides a bit of religious/spiritual talk.

I felt that it was a description of why we resist doing things and a comparison of amateur versus pro… ending with his thoughts on the muse/genius/etc… but in the end it doesn’t really enlighten in terms of how one might beat the issues and get creative. I suppose, you should apply what you have read in terms of what a professional does. So ultimately he says you just got to do it and the creativity will flow.

True, but also easier said than done – which I suppose it also another point of the book. I dunno. Not sure if the thoughts have made a huge difference or if I have just procrastinated myself by reading the book. But it’s short enough that perhaps it was worth simply exploring these issues.

Perhaps what bothers me about the themes of the book… is the idea that there’s this magically force – our Muse or God that does the magically stuff. We are just vessels. Sounds lovely, but I don’t like feeling as if I don’t really matter. That the “magic” can go through anyone – even if it’s semantics like “anyone can cook”… it just doesn’t sit well with me. It puts a sarcastic expression on my face and say “hmm…i dunno…” Am I being egotistical, selfish and ultimately simply procrastinating? Sigh…

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