I’ve heard of Flattr before, but didn’t really dive in until CraftyPod’s latest podcast. It’s a great idea and I think really helps one to stay in budget – so to speak – but still spend and give back to the community. I like that fact.

You basically sign-up for a Flattr account and load up some money. Can be a few bucks or much more – you can set what you want to spend monthly – even if you load up your account with a lot more funds (say for the whole year, you have a budget for giving back). Then you go on your merry way, clicking Flattr buttons to support content creators on the web. The system basically splits your monthly allotment to all the clicks you’ve made that month…a little bit all around. Cool idea, huh? It might not seem like much, but the thought counts and certainly every little bit adds up and helps.

This is still an experiment for me, but I thought it was definitely worth a try. There is a little fee that Flattr charges to load up money to your account. However, they are providing the service of evenly distributing your Flattr clicks. I know that one issue I’ve run into is donating or buying items to support others, but then running of budget pretty fast. This way sort of helps you control what you can spend…

I’ve signed up myself to Flattr a few bloggers I really like. Of course, now there is the challenge to find others who are on Flattr. I would encourage you to try out the service and see what you think first-hand. Also please leave your links below if you do have a Flattr button on your blog. I would love to give back a little 🙂 Thanks!

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